Thc Cyberwerks is a partner of Virtual Administrator for Managed Services.  What is Managed Services you ask….Managed Services is a suite of products that allow us to do many things from our central console:

  • Remotely monitor the health of your workstations and servers
  • Remotely monitor the health and status of your firewall
  • Provide managed backups for your organizations computers and servers
  • Provide managed updates for your computers and servers
  • Provide managed anti virus and anti malware for your computers
  • Provide SPAM filtering for all of your email addresses

Once you have made the decision to go with managed services your costs for outages and maintenance will actually go down.  No longer will your users need to remember to update Java, Adobe, Microsoft and many others because we will take care of that for your organization.  There are many levels of managed services available.  Contact us for packages available and pricing information.

Download our Manages Services Brochure

Our industry leading products are listed below.



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